Word from the president

Dear members, partners, friends and supporters of MCDF,

I would like to thank all of you for the immense support you gave us throughout last year. 2014 was another remarkable year for MCDF. I am happy to report that we opened our first branch office in Mariakani, Kilifi County. Since it’s opening in early June 2014, we have conducted numerous trainings through Theatre for Development and formed great partnerships with the people of Mariakani and the greater Kilifi County.

I also wish to celebrate our great partnership with L’Oreal East Africa in achieving their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives. Citizen Day was much bigger in 2014. We look forward to a bright future together and another great year!

I would also like to acknowledge the great success we had during our third Global Female Condom Day 2014. I wish to thank all the partners who made it happen, and most especially the greater Kiambu County for celebrating it with us.

MCDF also suffered a devastating loss with the tragic demise of our director and friend Dr. Lucie van Mens. Lucie was on her way to the AIDS conference in Melbourne on Malaysian Air flight MH17 which was downed over the Ukraine. We will forever be grateful for the amazing work she did in Kenya and Africa as a whole, in advocating for more Female Condoms for the women. As MCDF, we strive to carry on her legacy in fighting for a healthy society.

As always, we are most grateful for the cooperation we enjoyed in 2014 from our partners. We rely heavily on continued support from our sponsors, volunteers, clients and fellow action partners. Without our partners, we would not prevail. Thank you!

We thank all of our dedicated employees, who continue to do their very best to overcome difficult circumstances and improve our organization at every turn. We truly appreciate their commitment to our common objectives, and to our core values: Innovation, Empowerment, Accountability, Impartiality and Empathy.

Looking forward to another great year 2015!

Happy New Year!


Executive Director.