The Nufaisha Girls Program is an initiative of Muthaa Community Development Foundation, MCDF. Nufaisha meaning to benefit, was conceived to give young boys and girls guidance as they move from childhood to adulthood. The program seeks to bridge the existing gap between formal and informal education through mentorship. Nufaisha taps into the strengths of the successful women and men who, by dint of their high achievements, experience and recognition will inspire younger generations.

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The program targets teenagers between ages 13-18, with a view to imparting social and leadership skills needed in a constantly evolving society.

The methodology of the project includes:

  • mentorship,
  • training,
  • team building,
  • community service
  • Strengthen participants knowledge and awareness of career and personal development;
  • Build communities of girls equipped with the resources to advocate for policy changes and social justice;
  • Assist participants to develop critical interpersonal and life-skills; Nurture active citizenship and interest in service to community; Introduce role models and positive leadership locally and globally
  • Apply to be a participant(if you meet the criteria)
  • Sponsor a child to participate in the program
  • Sponsor the event
  • Be a mentor