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We design, manufacture and sell our own products online, our aim is to provide you with products that are functional, cute and resolve a problem you have. We design everything based on things we wish we had had when our children were younger and always have skin sensitivity in mind because all of our children have sensitive skin and eczema. Hopefully this tells you a bit about us and what we hope to achieve with our business. Our first product was bandana bibs, a slight obsession of ours, when Ruby was born 4 years ago and turned out to be drooly, refluxy and has eczema it proved a challenge to find a bib that didn't cause a flare up but soaked up all the wetness and looked cute. As any mum with a refluxy baby will tell you when you have to put a bib on your baby constantly you get very jealous of other mums who can put cute outfits on their little ones and not have to drape a bib over the top!

We decided to manufacture our own when we realised I wasn't the only one with this challenge. We shared them with a few friends who also loved them and then started working on designs that would make our bibs stand out and look great as well as functioning really well and being kind to babies with sensitive skin. We have our own illustrator and we just love getting your ideas so please do get in touch if you have a design in mind. We hope you find them just as amazing as we do as everyone says, happy mummy = happy baby and vice versa. We have since expanded the range the incorporate a newborn sized bib, a newborn swaddle made from organic cotton, a SnuggleBoo sleeping bag with detachable sleeves, also organic cotton, an organic cotton robe and beautifully soft 100% organic cotton blankets.