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Valvoline Information and Shopping Tips:

Valvoline motor oils do not have documented expiration dates. When stored under optimal conditions, the product remains stable for an extended period of time. It can be used as long as the American Petroleum Institute (API) rating on the label continues to meet or exceed the requirements listed in your car's owner's manual. If the rating is still current, we advise you shake the container before use to blend any additives that may have settled. motor oil does break down. Oil additives are consumed and combustion byproducts build up in the oil. Changing your motor oil on a consistent basis removes combustion byproducts and replenishes the additives. Valvoline recommends you replace the oil filter with every oil change, as this will eliminate any risk of contaminants trapped in the oil filter (e.g., dirt) from re-entering the new oil. Always be sure to follow the oil change frequency recommendations in your vehicle's owner's manual and to use an oil filter meeting automotive manufacturers' guidelines: e.g., USCAR.

Motor oil formulas with friction modifiers and additives help to improve horsepower. Lower viscosity (lighter) oils can improve horsepower providing that they separate moving parts and maintain engine durability. The optimum oil viscosity for a given engine is specified by the automotive manufacturer. Severe conditions include stop-and-go driving, consistent idling, pulling, towing, dusty environment or high or low ambient temperatures. Most vehicle manufacturers do not endorse using aftermarket additives. Certain additives may temporarily improve performance of older engines. (We recommend you check with the vehicle manufacturer before using any aftermarket additive.)